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Luckily, you’ve found the answer to your search query omni shop near me to receive payments through UBL Omni bank account via Remitly, EzRemit Money Transfer, Quick Pay, Enjaz, Tahweel Al Rajhi, Instant Cash, Transfast, and 100s of other international payment transfer channels

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ubl omni banking shop near me

Open ubl omni account and receive your abroad payments without searching omni shop near me at 50 plus ubl omni’s authroized dukan i.e., Link Int’l Exchange. We are an authorized currency exchange company that can handle all inward and outward remittances with our affiliations with Western Union, MoneyGram, Ria, Intel Express, and many other international payment gateways like Remitly, Instant Cash, Transfast, Ace Money Transfer, EzRemit Money Transfer, Quick Pay, Enjaz, Tahweel Al Rajhi, TeleMoney, Fawri Money Transfer Services, Al Rostamani International Exchange, URemit Money Transfer, Sydney Froex Pty Ltd., NEC Remit, JRF (Japan Remit Finance Co. Ltd., Al Mulla Industries, Al Muzaini, Finmark, Dollar Links, Best Forex, Mustafa Sultan Exchange Co. L.L.C., Modern Exchange, Hamdan Exchange LLC, Merchantrade, KBE (Kuwait Bahram International Exchange Co., ARY Exchange, Joyalukkas Exchange, KUAIEX, OMAN Exchange Co. WLL, Global Exchange Co. LLC., Alwatni NBK, AUSSIE FOREX & FINANCE & many other global money transfer companies through UBL Omni account. Our team of experts is committed in providing excellent customer services and a seamless experience when it comes to international payments. Find your omni shop near me and get your amount without any exaggeration.

Receive International Funds at Link through UBL Omni Payment Services

Link Int’l Exchange has become a truly remarkable currency platform to receive payments via UBL Omni. Dial UBL Omni Helpline for more information about overseas payments!

Receive Money in Minutes

Get your money in minutes! With our Instant Money Transfer services, your money is on its way to the recipient at Omni UBL Shop. No fees for receiving payments via UBL Omni, no waiting delays, and no risk of loss during transfer. We offer competitive exchange rates and low fees, making us an affordable option for international payments.

Secure and Convenient Money Transfer

With fully-fledged Money Transfer services – quick and easy! Become a part of omni banking to make the transaction faster, easier, and more convenient. We provide all the convenience and security you would expect from Link Int'l Exchange. Receive payments through ubl omni dukan and be thankful to your loved ones abroad.

Receive Int’l Money in a Legal Way

Our practical and reliable money-receiving services allow you to receive your money from the world with ease. You can also send money internationally, make international payments and change the currency at the same time. Visit your nearest Link branch today. We are an authorized UBL Omni shop near you.

Want to Receive Money in Pakistan?

Smart & Secure way to receive Money in Pakistan through UBL Omni

You can receive all your payments at UBL Omni Shop in a more secure & smarter way, so you can focus on the day-to-day running of your business, instead of spending hours on international money receiving. Simply visit any Link exchange Branch with your original CNIC, Omni Account number, and 16-digit disbursal code. Present your payment slip to the teller and collect your cash. So there’s no need to chase up funds with difficult procedures. You can also set up recurring payment schedules, or set up regular payment reminders directly to your email. Visit your nearest UBL Omni Shop today to receive your foreign currency in Pakistani rupees. Now, you’re getting an experience that will make your life easier and save you money in the process. You can also call directly at ubl omni helpline i.e. 0800-78610 to get assistance right away.

omni ubl dukan helpline

We Connect People with Money Receiving Services by UBL Omni

Link Int’l Exchange is a platform that offers instant money transfer services to exchange your local currency for another currency. You can get international money transfer services with Western Union, MoneyGram, Ria, and intel express. Link Exchange is 1 stop solution to all your currency needs. Now you can receive payments in Pakistan with 50% international payment channels like Modern Exchange, Hamdan Exchange LLC, Merchantrade, KBE (Kuwait Bahram International Exchange Co., ARY Exchange, Joyalukkas Exchange, KUAIEX, OMAN Exchange Co. WLL, Global Exchange Co. LLC., Alwatni NBK, AUSSIE FOREX & FINANCE & many other global money transfer companies to receive money through the UBL Omni account in Pakistan.

Excellent Customer Care

With Link Exchange, you can receive international payments with ease from omni banking at 50+ omni shops with Link’s customer support. Our team of experts has years of experience in the field, and we are committed to providing exceptional customer care. We know that receiving money across borders can be a long and complicated process, but at Link Exchange, we're here to help you get it done with ease and comfort.

Privacy is assured For All Payment Receiving

We have the best reputation, and we are known to be trusted by all of our partners in the currency exchange, telegraphic transfer & send/receive money sector of Pakistan. We have partnered with 100s of companies and individuals around the globe, so we know how important it is for you to know that your money is safe! Payment transactions are processed by our secure servers on a split-second basis, ensuring that your transaction is processed in the shortest possible time. In addition, we use the latest technologies to ensure that your information is encrypted and protected at all times governed by the State Bank of Pakistan.

Speedy Payments Receiving in Pakistan

You can receive money instantly with omni account banking at Link Int’l Exchange- from anywhere in the world. Receive international payments by visiting our secure online payment system Omni shop nearby. Use your Omni account to receive funds in Pakistan. We make sure that our money transfer services meet industry standards by providing quick and secure payment transfers, and reducing customer wait times for the fastest possible transactions at any of our UBL dukans.


General Question

Want to receive money in Pakistan through Omni Banking? You just need to visit any UBL Omni Shop near you.  Take your Omni Account number, original CNIC, and 16-digit disbursal code with you. Show your payment slip and collect your cash from the teller at Link exchange omni shop.

Luckily, you can receive all payments from the UK, USA, Bahrain, Australia, Canada, Europe, Kuwait, Malaysia, Japan, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UAE, and all other countries through UBL Omni Shop at Link Exchange.

You can contact your UBL Omni account representative at Link Exchange by calling ubl omni helpline at 0800-78610 and get all details about the payment receiving process. Our Omni Shop representative will let you know whether the money has been transferred to your ubl omni account or is still waiting.

The UBL Omni account holder can receive up to Rs. 1,500,000 as foreign remittance, with terms & conditions defined by SBP & UBL Omni account.