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Are you doing business with international Clients or living abroad and need to send or receive money overseas? Do you need to pay your university dues abroad through International Money Transfer? Perhaps you need to send or receive money from abroad and look for the best International Remittance or Electronic Funds Transfer methods available. A Foreign Telegraphic Transfer or Telex Transfer, also referred to as TT Payment, is the most optimal choice when you need to make an overseas transaction. The term “telegraphic transfer” has its origins in how banks used to make international money transfers worldwide. It refers to Online Money transfers from one account to another, and the process is the same as bank transfer, wire transfer, or SWIFT transfer. So, are you looking for a TT Payment Procedure in Pakistan for Foreign Telegraphic Transfers Services in Pakistan?

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Being an electronic Funds Transfer company, Link International Exchange Company facilitates International Remittance by creating ease for every individual globally. Electronic Transfer of funds at affordable Telegraphic Transfer Charges in Pakistan with an instant TT telegraphic transfer tracking facility. With many positive reviews and an extensive, trusted customer base, we provide hassle-free Telegraphic Transfer Services from Pakistan and many other services, including Foreign Currency Exchange rates and USD to Pkr Open Market rates daily. Whether you need to TT transfer for Personal Expenses, Family remittances, University fees, Education Expenses, Medical Expenses, or any other purpose, you can quickly get instant Foreign Telegraphic Transfer Services.

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The story of telegraphic transfer services in Pakistan also referred to as Telex transfers, TT payments, or simply TT started decades ago. Back in the 1990s, when someone wanted to send money to their loved one across the border, they would go to their bank for a TT Payment, and the banker used to send a coded message to the recipient’s bank over the telegraph system, informing them of the money transfer request. That is how a telegraphic transfer or telex transfer was done. By the times and with the advancements, these TT Payment transfers are now done electronically and are called electronic transfers. A telegraphic transfer could be an excellent choice for the Electronic Funds Transfer. A TT is a way of Online Money Transfer that’s primarily used for inward and Outward Remittance from Pakistan. 

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The name harks back to sending money by sending a printed message using a teleprinter. The funds’ transfer was made with the ‘Telex’ network of teleprinters – electronic machines that communicated via text-based messages. Today, TT transfers refer to a broad set of money transfer methods, including wire transfers and SWIFT transfers. There are now faster ways to complete an international transfer, but the term “telex transfer” or “telegraphic transfer” has remained in use, particularly in Australia, Europe, the UK, and Pakistan.

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So, when you hear the term “Foreign Telegraphic Transfer“, all you need to know is that it is still one of the faster and more reliable ways for you to make international money. So, are you looking for TT Payment Procedure in Pakistan? Do you want amazing Foreign Telegraphic Transfer at affordable Telegraphic Transfer Charges in Pakistan? The telegraphic transfer is a chargeable service provided by legal professionals at Link International Currency Exchange to ensure that your moving day deadlines are met, and your money can be kept safe. We offer a maximum outward remittance limit from Pakistan. Using this technology to process Electronic Funds Transfer worldwide certainly speeds up the conveyancing process – ensuring that TT Payment money can be moved quite simply and quickly through the banking systems when meeting tight deadlines or large sums of money may be required. Usually, for money transfer using Foreign Telegraphic Transfer, it takes 3-4 days.

International Outward Remittance from Pakistan While Following Easy TT Payment Procedures & Fee

TT payments, Telegraphic Transfer or Wire Transfer, are considered one of the fastest means for International Remittance. As a leading Electronic Funds Transfer Company, we provide complete solutions that match the requirements of our valuable clients and facilitate with our 50+ branches across Pakistan. We use two primary channels for outward remittance from Pakistan: Western Union & Money Gram. The Electronic Transfer of money into the beneficiary`s account is within 2-3 working days through Telegraphic Transfer from Pakistan while following all the requirements and Outward Remittance Limit.

TT Payment is allowed by the State Bank of Pakistan only for the following purposes Purpose of Telegraphic Transfer

  • Personal Expense / Family remittances
  • Education Expenses / University fee
  • Medical expenses / Immigration Expenses

Particulars required for Sender

  • Full name and address
  • CNIC Copy/Overseas CNIC Copy
  • Passport Copy in case of Foreign National
  • 6-month bank statement
  • Proof of relationship with the receiver

Requirements for Beneficiary

  • Evidence of the purpose of TT / CNIC Copy/Passport
  • Swift Code / IBN/Sort Code/BSB/ABA/Routing number/Transit Number
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TT payments pass your money between several banks before it arrives at its destination. Each of these banks will have different TT Payment Procedure fees. Transfer of funds can begin from anywhere, at any time, and from anywhere. In an international money transfer online, the money must be converted into the currency used in the recipient’s country. The currency is altered based on the prevailing exchange rate. The different exchange rates at which the currency is converted will be the same across different financial institutions, but the markup will vary from one institution to another. Whether you’re sending money to family, for Education purposes, or have a home overseas that you need to pay for or are paying someone overseas, you can transfer money to almost anywhere.

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Pay the way you like a bank account, credit, or debit card for inward or outward Telegraphic Transfer or deposit at one of our 50+ branches for Outward Remittance from Pakistan. Quickly send money in minutes to bank accounts or cash pick after in native currency.

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We guide about TT Payment Procedure in Pakistan, and the Outward Remittance Limit from Pakistan gives you the authentic and fair mid-market exchange rate for TT Payment.  Make international money transfers online to loved ones with telegraphic Transfer Tracking.

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Our Foreign Telegraphic Transfer is meant to provide convenience. Your loved ones living anywhere in the world can quickly receive money into their local bank accounts. We offer an affordable Telegraphic Transfer Fee. Get our services in overall Pakistan with ease.

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Instant Electronic Funds Transfer & receive by name. International channels are used for Inward remittance (RIA, MoneyGram & Western Union) & Outward remittance (Western Union & MoneyGram).


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Online money transfer globally through bank accounts for personal, educational, medical & immigration purposes. Both inward and outward funds transfer through TT payment & receive within 3-4 days.


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Link International provides affordable telegraphic transfer fees with instant telegraphic transfer tracking.  Hustle-free TT payment procedure in Pakistan. Get a first-time discount on International Remittance.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can send money online to the Link Exchange International branch through online payment, or you can deposit funds in cash.

Through Link International, sending money overseas is easy. Walk into one of our 50+ branches with the required documents and the amount to be remitted. You can also ask us to contact you through our Landline, and we shall let our expert executives guide you through the process.

The process of receiving & sending money abroad via money transfer platforms is called remittance.

The primary reason for the outward transfer of money is education – student Fees at Universities, Immigration Maintenance of Relatives’ medical emergencies, etc that’s why Link Currency Telegraphic transfer services in Pakistan.

The service is available in some countries. Typically, money is deposited into the recipient’s account for up to 2 to 3 working days through Telegraphic transfer. Based on the time and location, the money can be transferred on the same day or within 3 working days. After you’ve transferred money, request your recipient to contact their bank or examine their bank statement to verify the funds.

The TT method is an electronic transfer of funds widespread in the 1990s. Telegraphic transfer is also referred to as Telex transfers, TT. A TT telegraphic transfer is an Electronic Funds Transfer method that is utilized for overseas wire transactions. It is commonly used for Clearing House Automated Payment System (CHAPS) transfers.

Typically, a telegraphic transfer is complete within three to four business days, depending on the location and destination of the transfer, like country and any currency exchange requirements like currency rates. Telegraphic transfers are also known as telex transfers (TT) or, more generically, wire transfers or electronic funds transfers.

The most frequent use of TTs is when it comes to the Clearing House Automated Payment Systems (CHAPS) transfers that are part of the U.K. banking system. U.S. domestic transfers of funds between institutions are made via the Federal Reserve System, while international transfers use an intermediary called the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT).

Before the introduction of Telegraphic Transfer, banks and financial institutions used Telex messages to transfer money straight forwards from one financial institution to another for the transfer of funds. The TT payment method was trendy before electronic payment networks. Cable messages were utilized to make TT, and it’s considered another type of electronic funds transfer.

The telegraphic transfer evolves with new technologies and utilizes secure cable networks to transfer money. Financial institutions and banks use electronic fund transfer (EFT). As an International TT company in Pakistan, we provide affordable Telegraphic Transfer fees & Charges and provide instant telegraphic transfer tracking during an electronic transfer of money between two countries.

The remitter must ensure that the information in this remittance form for TT is correct and that the amount of remittance falls within the bounds of the law under the policy currently in the force.

    • (TT) Telegraphic Transfer services in Pakistan have ended cash transactions, and Online Money Transfer has been made easy with the Electronic Funds Transfer method.
    • It is used for both inward and outward remittance.
    • This service can be utilized across many countries specifically. It’s helpful for those who reside in another country and want to transfer money to their family members in the country of their birth.
    • Several countries utilize this option because it’s helpful for people living in another country and who need to transfer money to relatives in their home country.
    • Because it’s a speedier method of money transfer, the chance of being affected by fluctuations in exchange rates is meager.
    • The amount can be transferred within limits specified under FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act).
    • It’s a safe, secure & reliable method of transfer.

Telegraphic Transfer charges vary due to various factors, including quantity, currency, bank correspondent, choice of the charge code, and the channel used.

The exchange rate, in effect, will be shown via Online Banking or on our website at the transaction time. In branch offices, staff will inform customers of the rate applicable to the currency of their choice.

Telegraphic transfer fees occur the amount a bank charges for a CHAPS and SWIFT payment. Certain banks do not charge for CHAPS transactions; however, most are charging.

A SWIFT transfer is costed as a fixed fee or an amount of proportion of what you’re sending. When calculating the cost of an international wire transfer, you must also consider the exchange rates, as they can affect the extent to which your money will arrive at its destination. We also provide Foreign Currency Exchange Rates daily and remarkable Foreign Currency Exchange rate services.

TT Payment Procedure in Pakistan conducts through a CHAPS Telegraphic transfer by going to the bank’s branch or using online banking, and it is done with the State Bank of Pakistan Exchange Rate Today. Certain banks have an Outward Remittance Limit from Pakistan to stop money laundering and fraud as per state bank of Pakistan restrictions.

The majority of banks on the high street allow SWIFT transfer via online banking. During TT, you can employ Link International currency exchange services for straightforward pricing.

  • A debit card as well as an acceptable ID like a passport or driving license
  • Address and name of the person who pays (beneficiary)
  • The bank account numbers of the person who pays and the name of the bank they use
  • Other important information is the amount that needs to be paid along with the address of the person who will be paying

To process a SWIFT transfer, you may require additional information, for example:

  • The country to which you’re sending money to
  • The currency you wish to use for payment
  • An IBAN of the recipient’s IBAN (if relevant)
  • The amount of transfer and the motive for the transfer
  • The BIC (bank identifier code) is often referred to by the term SWIFT code

You’ll need the receiver’s names, addresses, and details for the account, like the bank account’s number and SWIFT codes, and the address of the bank.

You can find the SWIFT code on the bank’s website, the passbook, or through a simple web search.

Certain card issuers might charge additional charges for using our services. Contact your card issuer bank to find out more details.

Yes, on specific routes, same-day transfers via telegraphic transfer are possible if the request for international funds is received before the cut-off deadline. You can check the cut-off time for different areas on the bank’s website.

The banks that facilitate international money transfers between the bank sending the money and the banks that are the final beneficiary are Correspondent or Intermediary banks.

If you provide incorrect beneficiary information, like the incorrect address or the wrong bank number, the bank will deny the transfer request.

For money transfers from across the globe to Pakistan, the following international money transfer channels are being operated in Pakistan:

Instant cash, Remitly, Transferwise, Xpress, EME, Speed Remit, Choice Money,

Small World and many others.