How to send money to the UK

Send & Recieve money from Pakaistan to UK

Link International Exchange provides a simple way for Pakistan to UK money transfer. We work with reliable banks across the globe to help you get great currency exchange rates, low bank fees, and an easy-to-use online platform that allows your family or business to get money where it needs to go quickly without headaches.

Visit Link International Exchange Company now to transfer money from the UK to Pakistan and experience the excellence of our service yourself!

Send Money to UK
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How to Do International Money Transfers from Pakistan to UK or any country in the World

Are you looking for an International money transfer from Pakistan to the UK, USA, or Canada? If so, we can help you get the job done! Our company provides international money transfer services to customers who want to send money from the UK to Pakistan or from Pakistan to the UK. We offer our customers a fast and easy way to transfer their funds through legal money transfer services in Pakistan under the supervision of SBP

Link International Exchange is an authorized currency exchange hub for RIA, Money Gram, Intel Express Pakistan, and Western Union Pakistan.

We can help you make the most of your transaction experience by offering a fast and secure bank transfer from Pakistan to the UK. You can now transfer money from the United Kingdom to Pakistan in just a few simple steps.

We offer you:

Just drop us your query for a Money Transfer to UK or any country of the World; our team would be happy to answer your query

MoneyGram UK to Pakistan & Western Union UK to Pakistan at Link Exchange’s 50+ equipped branches across the country

Link International Exchange is proud to offer our customers International wire transfer Pakistan options through our international payment principals Western Union, MoneyGram, RIA, and Intel Express. We offer international and domestic wire transfers, currency exchange, and fund transfer services in Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Sukkur, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, and all major cities of Pakistan.

You can send money to friends and family, pay vendors for goods or services, receive client payments, or transfer funds between accounts.

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Free of Cost Payment Receiving from UK to Pakistan

We provide the fastest and most reliable money transfers in the country. Our money transferring services executives in different cities of Pakistan help you MoneyGram UK to Pakistan to your loved ones and family in Pakistan at no cost.

Easy Procedure to transfer funds to the UK from Pakistan

Send money from the UK to Pakistan via Link International Exchange and avoid all the hassles of bank transfers. Link International Exchange is a leading online remittance service provider and offers hassle-free ways to send money from the UK to Pakistan.

Speedy Transactions; Send Payments to the UK from Pakistan speedily

Link International Exchange offers a blazing-fast money transfer service to the UK from Pakistan. Whenever you want to send money to the UK, get it there quickly with Link International Exchange. Just visit any nearest branch!

1 Stop international Money Transfer Hub in Pakistan for MoneyGram, Western Union, RIA, and Intel Express

Unified, protected, and fast international money transfers for business or personal use!

Link International Exchange is a peer-to-peer Pakistan-to-UK money transfer service provider that allows you to send and receive money to and from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re sending money to your family members, paying bills, or just helping out a friend, Link International Exchange makes it easy.

As a business, you need to be able to make payments in a way that’s convenient and secure. If you’re looking for fast, affordable international payments from the UK to Pakistan, Link International Exchange can help.

Our team is dedicated to helping people get the best rate for sending money on a global scale. We offer international money transfers to Pakistan from the UK with a transparent and affordable money transfer fee. Our rates are competitive, and we offer many convenient features that make transactions more accessible and secure governed by the State Bank of Pakistan.

We are an authorized agent for Western Union, RIA, and MoneyGram, 3 of the world’s most trusted money-transferring brands for sending money to UK from Pakistan quickly and securely.

Our network of branches can serve you anytime, anywhere. You can get your transferred amount at any Link Int’l Exchange Branch.

Get Superb Services to Send Money to Pakistan from the UK at Link Int'l Exchange

Link International Exchange is a trusted and reliable money transfer service in Pakistan that helps you move money between the United Kingdom and Pakistan. We offer you the best exchange rates available in Pakistan and the security of your payments while sending money from Pakistan to UK. We are offering Money Transfer Services to the UK in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad, Gujrat, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta, Faisalabad, Daska, Gujranwala and many other cities in Pakistan. You can visit any of our branches with your valid CNIC and other related documents to transfer money to the UK, US, Canada, or any country in the world.

How to send money to the UK
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Receive Payments from the UK to Pakistan through UBL Omni at Link Int’l Exchange

Our customers are privileged enough to receive all international payments from any city of UK at our 50+ branches across the country with UBL Omni using  UBL’s official payment partners like Remitly, Instant Cash, Transfast, Ace Money Transfer, EzRemit Money Transfer, Quick Pay, Enjaz, Tahweel Al Rajhi, TeleMoney, Fawri Money Transfer Services, Al Rostamani International Exchange, URemit Money Transfer, Sydney Froex Pty Ltd., NEC Remit, JRF (Japan Remit Finance Co. Ltd., Al Mulla Industries, Al Muzaini, Finmark, Dollar Links, Best Forex, Mustafa Sultan Exchange Co. L.L.C., Modern Exchange, Hamdan Exchange LLC, Merchantrade, KBE (Kuwait Bahram International Exchange Co., ARY Exchange, Joyalukkas Exchange, KUAIEX, OMAN Exchange Co. WLL, Global Exchange Co. LLC., Alwatni NBK, AUSSIE FOREX & FINANCE, and many other global money transfer companies through UBL Omni account.

  1. Visit any Link Int’l Exchange branch in your city to receive payments from the UK with your original CNIC and its copy to initiate the money transfer.
  2. Provide the following required details to our representative for sending/receiving money:
  3. CNIC number.
  4. Mobile number.
  5. City from where you are receiving/sending money.
  6. Receiver’s or Sanders’s CNIC number.
  7. Account

So, if you want to send Money to the UK to Pay Your Son’s University Fee, Medical purposes, or any other legal objective; we are here to serve you!

Secure Transfer

We offer the most secure way of transferring money overseas. Our state-of-the-art payment platforms like MoneyGram UK to Pakistan & Western Union UK to Pakistan let you instantly send money to your recipient without any delays.

24/7 Available Customer Service

Our customer service agents are available 24/7, 365 days a year to answer all your questions and concerns regarding Pakistan to UK money transfer.

Global Coverage

With the advent of digital transactions and cross-border business, today's businesses need a strong partner to deal with globalization's challenges. At Link Int’l Exchange, we provide our clients with impressive global payment services through a unique blend of expertise and technology.

Swift Transaction

Link can make international and cross-border payments in the most convenient and cost-effective way. We provide Swift transactions in your local currency, helping you to transfer payments to London, Manchester, or any city of the United Kingdom

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We are an authorized money transfer company and have been serving the customers for years. We provide international remittance, foreign exchange, and other financial services. We give you the best services to send money to UK from Pakistan at the lowest rates possible. We provide reliable and safe services for sending money from Western Union, MoneyGram & RIA UK to Pakistan.

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