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The Dollar ($) is the name of more than 20 currencies used in different countries. The Dollar is the most potent currency in the whole world. In Pakistan, the economy is very much concerned and based on the value of 1 USD to PKRThe USD is an abbreviation for the currency of the United States of America (USA), considered the most potent currency worldwide. Earlier, the British pound enjoyed the status of the most dominant money. Still, this title is clinched by USD, and many international Interbank are inclined to keep USD in huge quantities because the US Dollar is used to pay off debts, make investments, transactions, and many more. That’s why it has a significant impact on Open Market Foreign Currency Exchange. The USD dollar to PKR (Pakistani RS) currency exchange rate fluctuates daily.

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Even the USD to PKR interbank in Pakistan increases or decreases depending upon the demand and supply of the US Dollar in Pakistan. If the inflow of USD or Foreign Remittances decreases from overseas Pakistanis ultimately, the Usd Rate in Pakistan increases. The Dollar’s strength is because governments are willing to hold the Dollar in their foreign exchange reserves. US Dollar to Pakistan Rupee conversions are based on Usd to Pkr Open Market Today Gold Rate in Pakistan and are set by the stet bank of Pakistan according to the USD to PKR Interbank system. So, are you looking for Usd to Pkr Today Rate in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Hyderabad 2024, or overall Pakistan? As the best Foreign Currency Exchange Company, we provide the best possible rate for Usd into Pkr. So, exchanging your Dollar for Pakistani currency at the best currency exchange rates has never been easier. The Link Exchange International provides instant Pkr to Usd exchange rates in Pakistan and abroad.

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Find Dollar Rate in Pakistan as per 1 USD to PKR Open Market Today with Daily PKR to USD Foreign Currency Exchange Rates updates daily

Link International currency converter will show you how much your money is worth in other currencies at the real exchange rate. You can convert many currencies quickly and easily, including foreign currency exchange rateand Dollar to Pakistani Rupees. Input your amount in the currency calculator above, select your source and destination currency, and our tool will convert your money at the USD to Pkr Open Market rate. Find the best USD to Pkr open market today online and also use our affordable services to Send & receive money abroad. You can also sign up for free currency exchange updates daily on WhatsApp and email.

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Convert US Dollar to Pakistani Rupee (USD in to PKR) at the real exchange rate - Swift USD Dollar to PKR or PKR to USD Interbank rates

The world’s various currencies are always compared to USD to find their value. The main concern for the Pakistani economy is the USD to PKR conversion at maximum output. Considering that the USD will never devalue in Open Market, the US Dollar is the currency of choice in many countries. For Pakistan, economic growth and financial stability play a vital role in maintaining the strength of the Pakistani rupee. Therefore, the Pakistani rupee is devalued in the current economic turmoil, and Usd Dollar to Pkr Interbank rates are high. As the foreign currency exchange rates are increasing these days due to a significant fluctuation of the dollar rate in Pakistan regularly, A majority of Pakistanis are going abroad to earn more money to support their family or for higher study purposes. So due to these peculiar reasons, the demand for Usd into Pkr, Online Currency Exchange, and Pkr to Usd money conversion is increasing day by day.

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The Pakistan government receives currencies from international transactions or from domestic businesses and travelers who get Money Conversion services from different money exchange companies. The Dollar Rate is always prestigious as the currency is regarded as one of the vital currencies worldwide and is extensively used in trading. Usd dollar to pkr is based on the fluctuations in the Open market gold rate in Pakistan. As the best currency rates portal & exchange company in Pakistan, we provide you the latest Usd to Pkr today rate in Pakistan, Dollar Exchange Rate Rupees, and instant currency exchange services with 50+ very efficient money exchange branches in Pakistan. Here you will find currency rates archives, USD to PKR rates, and inter-bank closing currency exchange rate for USD to pkr open market provided by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) daily at the end of the working day. 

Currency BuySellLast Updated
US Dollar (USD)
279.0014 minutes ago
British Pound (GBP)
355.0014 minutes ago
Saudi Riyal (SAR)
74.2014 minutes ago
Emirates Dirham (AED)
76.0014 minutes ago
Turkish Lira (TRY)
9.8014 minutes ago
302.1014 minutes ago
Japanese Yen (JPY)
1.7714 minutes ago
Australian Dollar (AUD)
185.0014 minutes ago
Canadian Dollar (CAD)
204.0014 minutes ago
Thailand Baht (THB)
8.5014 minutes ago
Chinese Yuan (RMB)
40.5014 minutes ago
14 minutes ago
Inter Bank
14 minutes ago

Link International is Pakistan’s top currency exchange company. We provide up-to-date open market Dollar Rate in Pakistan Today 2024 & all other Foreign Currency Exchange Rates updates. The Usd to Pkr Open Market Currency exchange rates in Pakistan are not quite the same as Usd to Pkr Interbank Dollar rate. Here you can find Usd Dollar to Pkr, EURO to PKR, SAR to PKR, Pkr to Usd, and all other currency rates against PKR. We don’t charge extra exchange rates on the currency. We update currency rates on our website daily, including Usd to Pkr Today Rate in Lahore 2024 & Open Market Dollar Rate in Pakistan Today, to give our visitors a good experience. Link Currency Exchange also provides market currency rates history, graphs, charts, and a wide range of information to help you explore the Pakistan Currency Open Market.

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1-5-10-20-50-100-1000-2000-5000 USD Dollar to PKR Price in Pakistan on date 15-08-23

1 usd to pkr  278.33 Pkr    
1 dollar to pkr 278.33 Pkr    
1 dollar to 1 Pakistani rupee 278.33 Pkr    
us dollar to pkr 278.33 Pkr 
usd to pkr today 278.33 Pkr 
pkr to usd  278.33 Pkr 
dollar to pkr today 278.33 Pkr   
1 dollars in pakistani rupees 278.33 Pkr   
one dollar to pkr 278.33 Pkr   
3 dollars in pakistani rupees  834.99 Pkr 
5 dollars in pakistani rupees  1,391.65 Pkr
10 dollars in pakistani rupees 2857.28 Pkr
10 usd to pkr 2857.28 Pkr 
15 dollars in pakistani rupees 4285.92 Pkr
15 usd to pkr 4285.92 Pkr
20 usd to pkr 5714.55 Pkr  
20 dollars in pakistani rupees 5714.55 Pkr  
25 dollars in pakistani rupees 7143.19 Pkr 
25 usd to pkr  7143.19 Pkr
30 dollars in pakistani rupees  8571.83 Pkr 
30 usd to pkr  8571.83 Pkr 
40 dollars in pakistani rupees 11429.11 Pkr 
40 usd to pkr  11429.11 Pkr 
45 dollars in pakistani rupees   12857.75 Pkr   


50 usd to pkr 14286.39 Pkr
50 dollars in pakistani rupees 14286.39 Pkr
60 usd to pkr  17143.66 Pkr
80 dollars in pakistani rupees 22858.22 Pkr
99 dollars in pakistani rupees 28287.04 Pkr
100 dollars in pakistani rupees 28572.77 Pkr
100 canadian dollars in pakistani rupees 28572.77 Pkr
100 dollar to pkr 28572.77 Pkr
150 dollars in pakistani rupees 42859.16 Pkr
150 usd to pkr 42859.16 Pkr
200 dollars in pakistani rupees  57145.54 Pkr
200 usd to pkr 57145.54 Pkr
250 dollars in pakistani rupees 71431.93 Pkr
300 usd to pkr  85718.31 Pkr
400 usd to pkr 114291.08 Pkr
400 dollars in pakistani rupees 114291.08 Pkr
500 dollars in pakistani rupees 142863.85 Pkr
500 usd to pkr 142863.85 Pkr
600 dollars in pakistani rupees 171436.62 Pkr
999 dollars in pakistani rupees 285441.97 Pkr
1000 dollars in pakistani rupees 285727.70 Pkr
1000 usd to pkr  285727.70 Pkr
1100 dollars in pakistani rupees 314300.47 Pkr
1200 dollars in pakistani rupees 342873.24 Pkr
1500 usd to pkr 428591.55 Pkr
2000 dollars in pakistani rupees 571455.40 Pkr
2000 usd to pkr  571455.40 Pkr
2500 usd to pkr  714319.25 Pkr
3000 dollars in pakistani rupees 857183.10 Pkr
4000 dollars in pakistani rupees 1142910.80 Pkr
5000 dollars in pakistani rupees 1428638.50 Pkr
5000 usd to pkr 1428638.50 Pkr
10000 dollars in pakistani rupees 2857277.00 Pkr
20000 dollars in pakistani rupees 5714554.00 Pkr
30000 pkr to usd 8571831.00 Pkr
10 million dollars in pakistani rupees 2857277000.00 Pkr

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Frequently Asked Questions

It converts one currency to another by using the exchange rate between those two currencies. For example, an exchange rate of 1 U.S. dollar to 2 euros means you convert 1 USD to 2 EUR and 2 EUR to 1 USD. It’s about what each currency can be worth to the other. You can use our currency converter to determine this.

The easiest method to verify your USD exchange rate between USD and PKR change rate is to utilize our live web-based currency convertor. Type in the amount of USD you’d like to convert, and you’ll see the current exchange rate at mid-market and the amount you’d end up getting in PKR If you were to exchange it this day.

Banks and other providers often set their unfriendly exchange rates for currency conversion. So, you pay more than you need to, and they pocket the difference. Use Link International currency exchange company to convert your currency or send money abroad, and you will be charged according to Exchange Rate Today no any extras.

We offer a variety of methods to convert currencies. However, to ensure you’re getting an actual exchange rate, you should use Link money exchange services to meet your conversion needs. Please compare us with other companies to ensure that you receive the best price.

You can convert many top currencies using our money convertor tool, including U.S. dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), Sterling pound (GPB), Canadian dollars (CAD), Australian dollars (AUD), are many more popular currencies.

The current mid-market exchange rate for USD/PKR currently is 181.3 and changes daily depending upon the Open Market Dollar Rate in Pakistan Today 2022. However, it’s important to note that the middle-market rate may not always be available through your regular banking institution or exchange service. Therefore, there’s a chance that you’ll have to pay conversion costs for currency which means you’ll end up with a lower PKR value than what you’d like.

Interbank rates are calculated based on the demand and supply of a particular currency. But the likelihood is good that these rates have minimal impact on your day-to-day business activities.

Interbank Rates for the United States averaged 3.53 percent between 1986 and 2022, hitting a record high at 10.63 percent in March 1989. Then, it fell to an all-time low at 0.11 percent in September 2021.

An interbank is a combination of at least two banks or between two banks of different countries with interbank loans.

Banks that don’t satisfy this requirement may take the loan of other banks, and these loans are subject to a rate of interbank. Interbank rates may be high or low in the case of low rates. It allows for free borrowing and lending between banks, while high interbank lending rates hinder borrowing between banks.

The USD, also known as the U.S. dollars ($) in addition to the five U.S. territories, is adopted by 11 other nations as their currency of choice: Ecuador, El Salvador, Zimbabwe, The British Virgin Islands, The Turks and Caicos, Timor and Leste, Bonaire, Micronesia, Palau, Marshall Islands, and Panama.