Ria Money Transfer Services in Pakistan: Fastest, Safest, and Most Affordable Way to Currency Exchange Rates.

Ria Money Transfer: Your Trusted Partner for International Money Transfers in all over the world

Looking for a reliable and affordable way to send money internationally? That’s why Link Currency Exchange is here to help you with Ria Money Transfer. With over 20 years of experience and a global network extending over 165+ countries and 500,000+ partner locations, Ria money transfer helps you connect with your loved ones and support their needs, no matter where they are.

Ria Money Transfer Services in Pakistan: Fastest, Safest, and Most Affordable Way to Currency Exchange Rates.
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Sending Money with Ria is fastest International money transfer services.

  1. Choose your transfer approach: Send cash online, thru our cell app, or visit one of our agent places.
  2. Enter your recipient’s info: Provide your recipient’s name and preferred shipping method.
  3. Choose the quantity you want to send: Specify the quantity you want to ship and choose your selected currency.
  4. Pay to your transfer: Choose your preferred charge approach, including debit card, credit score card, financial institution switch, or cash at an agent region.
  5. Track your transfer: Receive on-the-spot updates on the popularity of your switch, ensuring peace of thoughts.
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Ria Money Transfer: More Than Just a Transfer Service

Sending money abroad isn’t always easy, especially when you want to support your loved ones; it is approximately supporting your loved ones and empowering them to fulfill their dreams. That’s why Links International currency exchange provides a range of services ria money transfers, together with Link:

  • Bill payments: Pay payments for your loved ones without delay via Ria, making sure their important needs are met.
  • Mobile top-up: Keep your family related with the aid of topping up their cell phones directly via our platform.
  • Ria Money Transfer Card: Provide your loved ones with a reloadable card for handy access to funds global.
  • Global Cash Pickup Network: With over 500,000 companion locations, your loved ones can easily get entry to their finances in cash.

Join the Ria Money Transfer Family Today

Whether you are sending money to help your circle of relatives’ needs, make contributions to your infant’s education, or assist a loved one through a tough time, Ria Money Transfer is here for you. We offer a reliable, convenient, and inexpensive way to connect to your loved ones and have a tremendous effect on their lives.

Start your first Transaction these days and experience the Ria distinction!

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Why Choose Ria Money Transfer?

  • Fast and Convenient: Whether you want to send or receive money from our online platform, mobile app, or a large network of agent locations, we make it fast and convenient for you to do so.
  • Competitive Rates: Get competitive exchange rates and low fees charges, making sure your family receive the best possible amount to live with dignity.
  • Flexible Options: Choose from diverse delivery strategies like cash pickup, bank deposit, cellular wallet, or even domestic delivery for added convenience.
  • Secure and Reliable: We are devoted to the very best requirements of safety and compliance, ensuring your transactions are safe and guarded.

Trusted Partner: With over two decades of revel in and tens of millions of glad clients, Ria is the relied-on preference for international cash transfers


  • Valid Original ID (Passport, CNIC, NICOP, SNIC, POC, ACC, POR) (in case of local nationals)
  • Valid Original Passport with valid Visa (in case of foreign nationals)
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The first Ria store opens in New York City with one goal: to help people send money to their loved ones back home. Ria kept expanding around the world and today with a worldwide agent network of 369,000 locations in 149 countries (and always growing), Ria continues to make the world a smaller place by closing distances between families and their loved ones through world-class money transfer. To learn more about Ria feel free to contact our support team.

ria money transfer in lahore Pakistan

Skip the border stress, and send cash with ease. Ria Money Transfer is here for you!

Ria Money Transfer: Your Trusted Partner for International Money Transfers

Beyond borders, past expectations, past transactions. That’s the promise of Ria Money Transfer. For decades, we have been the relied-on trusted bridge connecting human beings around the globe, supporting them in fulfilling their responsibilities and desires. With a presence in over one hundred 65 international locations and a network of over 500,000 agent places, Ria is more than just a money transfer service. It’s a lifeline for households, a catalyst for aspirations, and an image of global connection.

Fast and Flexible: Sending Money Made Simple

Time is valuable in today’s world. That’s why Ria prioritizes speed and comfort. Whether you pick out our online platform, our customer-friendly app, or a visit to one of our numerous branch locations, sending money the world over is a continuing system. No complicated navigating complicated forms or enduring irritating delays.

With Ria, you may rest assured that your budget will be sent to your loved one quickly and securely, empowering them to satisfy their instant desires or pursue their long-time period goals.

Competitive Rates and Transparent Fees: Putting More Money within the Right Hands

We know that each penny counts. That’s why Ria offers competitive exchange rates and transparent charges, making sure that your family gets the most amount feasible. We consider sincere and in advance pricing, so that you’ll by no means be surprised by hidden charges or surprising deductions. With Ria, you can be assured that your tough-earned money is being used for its supposed purpose, contributing to your circle of relatives’ well-being and fostering a brighter future.

More Than Just a Transaction: A World of Possibilities

At Ria, we agree with the transformative strength of financial inclusion. We go beyond in reality facilitating money transfers; we offer many services designed to empower human beings and communities to send and receive money.

  • Pay payments immediately to your own family, making sure their crucial desires are met.
  • Top up their mobile telephones so they live related to their cherished ones and communities.
  • Provide them with the Ria Money Transfer Card for a handy right of entry to to price range global, empowering them to take control of their price range and pursue their dreams.

Ria Money Transfer: Committed to Community


We believe in providing benefits to the people we serve. That’s why we’re steadfast to diverse social projects, which include:

  • Supporting schooling: We offer scholarships and educational sources to help empower groups.
  • Promoting financial inclusion: We plan to make economic services greater accessible to underserved communities.
  • Disaster relief: We reply to herbal disasters and emergencies to help communities in need.

Beyond Business: A Commitment to Social Responsibility

We believe that success is not measured entirely via profits but additionally by the high-quality effect we create on the world. That’s why Ria is deeply committed to social duty.

  • We help educational projects, empowering future generations with the expertise and skills needed to thrive.
  • We promote economic inclusion, making sure that everyone has get right of entry to to critical monetary offerings and the possibility to obtain monetary security.
  • We respond to herbal failures and emergencies, offering important useful resources to communities in want.

Through our unwavering commitment to social responsibility, we try to construct a better world, one transaction, one community, one lifestyle at a time.

Join the Global Ria Family: Start Your Journey Today

Whether you’re sending everyday support to your circle of relatively distant places, contributing to a loved one’s training, or presenting emergency assistance at some stage in difficult times, Ria Money Transfer is your relied-on accomplice. Our dedication to excellence, unwavering dedication to security, and sort of progressive services ensure that your money reaches its destination quickly and reliably.

With Ria, you are not sending cash, you’re sending wishes, opportunities, and a brighter destiny.

How do I send money from Ria to Pakistan?

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Is it good deal to use Ria to PKR Calculator?

Create an easy calculator where customers can enter cash amounts and see the PKR equivalent, consisting of costs. Compare Ria’s fees with other exchangers to check the transparency.