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History of the Malaysian Ringgit

The Malaysian Ringgit, symbolized as “RM,” is the official currency of Malaysia. Its history dates back to the colonial era in the 1500s, where the term “Ringgit,” which translates to “jagged” in Malay, was used to refer to the toothed edges of the silver Spanish coins used during that time. The modern version of the Ringgit was introduced a decade after Malaysia gained independence in 1957. Before its introduction, multiple currencies were used in various territories of modern-day Malaysia, including the Indian Rupee and British Bornean dollar—the modern Ringgit streamlined and standardized Malaysia’s currency system. The Central Bank of Malaysia is responsible for issuing the Ringgit currency. It is divided into 100 sen. Malaysia is a vibrant trade destination and has an open economy. However, the value of the Ringgit can be influenced by various global economic trials. Explore today’s best deals with us! Avail our attractive exchange rates and promptly convert your Ringgit to Pakistani Rupee Today. Expect Link International’s reliable and incomparable rates for your currency conversion. So, don’t wait. Seize control of your currency exchange requirements immediately!

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Convert Malaysian Ringgit to Pakistani Rupee





1 MYR 59.3428 PKR
5 MYR 296.714 PKR
10 MYR 593.428 PKR
25 MYR 1,483.57 PKR
50 MYR 2,967.14 PKR
100 MYR 5,934.28 PKR
500 MYR 29,671.4 PKR
1,000 MYR 59,342.8 PKR
5,000 MYR 296,714 PKR
10,000 MYR 593,428 PKR

RM to PKR Exchange on State Bank of Pakistan's Today Exchange Rate

We offer RM to PKR conversion services at the comparative State Bank of Pakistan’s official exchange rate. Ultimate value for your currency! Now, savvy financial decisions are within your reach by keeping up to date with today’s Malaysian Ringgit to PKR rate. Link Int’l Exchange provides exchange services at the recognized rates set by the State Bank of Pakistan, offering a reliable and transparent currency exchange experience. Here’s why choosing Link Int’l is a wise decision:

Official Compliance

Transactions at Link International Exchange align with the local and international financial regulations.

Current Rates

Draw benefits from the most up-to-date and officially sanctioned rates from the State Bank of Pakistan.

Aid in Financial Planning

Accurate rates help you make informed budgeting and financial decisions.

Convert Pakistani Rupee to Malaysian Ringgit





1 PKR 0.0168494 MYR
5 PKR 0.0842471 MYR
10 PKR 0.168494 MYR
25 PKR 0.421235 MYR
50 PKR 0.842471 MYR
100 PKR 1.68494 MYR
500 PKR 8.42471 MYR
1,000 PKR 16.8494 MYR
5,000 PKR 84.2471 MYR
10,000 PKR 168.494 MYR

How to Access Today's Rates?

Visit Link Int'l Exchange Website

Link Int’l Exchange regularly updates its site with the latest exchange rates based on SBP’s rate.

Inquire at Link Int'l Exchange Outlets

Our numerous physical outlets provide today’s exchange rate information.

Use Our Online Tools

Link Int’l provides updated exchange rates online.

Currency exchange rates are dynamic and can change at a moment’s notice. Always verify the most recent rates before carrying out any transactions. For today’s best Malaysia currency rates in Pakistan, visit our website or physical branches.

Remember to avoid complications. Always perform your currency exchange through legitimate and recognized channels.

Note: Ringgit Price in Pakistan frequently shift. Always seek the most accurate and current data from Link Int’l Exchange.

Today’s Ringgit Rate in Pakistan

1 MYR 59.14580 PKR
5 MYR 295.72900 PKR
10 MYR 591.45800 PKR
20 MYR 1182.91600 PKR

Why Should You Exchange Your Malaysia To PKR Currency At Link?

Exchanging your currency from Malaysia to PKR at Link International Exchange has several benefits, making it an optimal choice for handling your foreign currency requirements.

Up-To-Date And Competitive Ringgit Rate In Pakistan

Link International Exchange offers competitive Ringer to PKR exchange rates according to the current financial market. These rates are consistently updated to ensure customers always get the best possible value for their money.

User-Friendly Exchange Process

Link International Exchange offers an easy and convenient way to convert Malisha country currency rate in Pakistan. This simple, streamlined process makes it highly user-friendly.
currency exchange rates in Lahore Pakistan

User-Friendly Exchange Process

We operate under stringent regulatory standards and international financial regulations. It adds us credibility as a reliable currency exchange service. It ensures that all transactions are compliant and trustworthy.

Real-Time Updates

We provide real-time updates on ringgit rate in Pakistan. You can choose the best time to make your exchange best!
Choosing Link International Exchange for Malaysia karanci rate Pakistan today ensures a straightforward, efficient, and trustworthy service.

Malaysian Coins And Banknotes In Use Today?

The official currency of Malaysia, the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), is issued by the Central Bank of Malaysia. It comprises multiple denominations of coins and banknotes currently in circulation.


Malaysian coins come in five current denominations:

  1. 5 sen
  2. 10 sen
  3. 20 sen
  4. 50 sen

All these coins have the same motif. The $1 coin for average circulation was also issued but is less commonly used.


As for banknotes, they were issued in six primary denominations:

  1. 1 Ringgit (RM1)
  2. 2 Ringgit (RM2)
  3. 5 Ringgit (RM5)
  4. 10 Ringgit (RM10)
  5. 50 Ringgit (RM50)
  6. 100 Ringgit (RM100)

The design of the current series of these banknotes embodies Malaysia’s diverse culture, heritage, and natural beauty. Each banknote includes ten security features to guard against counterfeiting. Remember, the appearance and design of coins and banknotes may vary between series, and newly issued series may introduce additional denominations or retired old ones.

How to Send Ringgit to Pakistani Rupee Today?

Whether you need to send Malaysia Ringgit to Pakistan for personal or business purposes, Link International Exchange Company offers a safe and efficient means of transferring Malaysian Ringgit to Pakistan. Transferring Malaysian Ringgit to Pakistani Rupees using Link International Exchange Company involves a simple procedure. While specific details can be fetched from the official Link International Exchange Company’s website, I’ll outline the general steps you would typically follow:

Register or log in

Create a new account if you’re a new user, or log in to your existing account if you already have one.

Input Details

You need to specify the Ranget to PKR amount you want to send, the currency you are sending (MYR), and the currency the receiver will obtain (PKR).

Recipient's information

You must also provide the recipient’s bank account or pick-up details if the money needs to be credited directly to a bank account.

Confirm the transfer

Check your entered details and confirm the transaction. Also, make sure to note the transaction number or receipt for reference.

Complete the Payment Process

You can proceed with the payment using your preferred payment method when your transfer is confirmed.

Remember, the exact process of Rangat to PKR might vary slightly depending on your account type and our specific protocols. Check the latest Malaysia Ringgit rate and transaction fees to ensure you get the best transfer worth.

Contact us directly or visit our website for the most accurate instructions about Malaysia currency to PKR today.

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