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Convert Turkish Lira to Pakistani Rupee





1 TRY 8.66308 PKR
5 TRY 43.3154 PKR
10 TRY 86.6308 PKR
25 TRY 216.577 PKR
50 TRY 433.154 PKR
100 TRY 866.308 PKR
500 TRY 4,331.54 PKR
1,000 TRY 8,663.08 PKR
5,000 TRY 43,315.4 PKR
10,000 TRY 86,630.8 PKR

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Online money transfers between countries have become essential to today’s global economy. With numerous international transactions occurring daily, focusing on seamless and secure solutions has never been more critical. Link International Exchange proudly presents our online money transfer facility, designed to effortlessly bridge the gap between Turkey and Pakistan. Choose Link International Exchange for the most systematic and secure money transfer facility from Turkey to Pakistan.

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Negotiate the world of international finance when Turkey currency rate in Pakistan fluctuate hourly. We pride in offering a new level of reliability and clarity regarding Turkish Lira and Pakistani Rupee exchange. However, our innovative platform always aware of the exact exchange rates. It enables you to make the most informed decisions about your funds. Turkey currency price in Pakistan at Link is always up-to-date. We provide an exact snapshot of the current marketplace. So, experience a new level of reliability and guarantee. Our team makes international finance easier. It helps you confidently and easily manage your finances across borders too. Accomplish more with your money today with Link International!

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Equip with the financial tools and insights to manage your money across borders. Our security and responsive customer service ensure your financial transactions are hassle-free and prolific. Moreover, we leverage advanced technology and encryption methods to safeguard your money. Gain access to top-notch exchange rates through our platform. Seamlessly transact between the Turkish to Pakistani currency. Connect with the Link family for today Turkey currency rate in Pakistan.

Convert Pakistani Rupee to Turkish Lira





1 PKR 0.115418 TRY
5 PKR 0.577089 TRY
10 PKR 1.15418 TRY
25 PKR 2.88544 TRY
50 PKR 5.77089 TRY
100 PKR 11.5418 TRY
500 PKR 57.7089 TRY
1,000 PKR 115.418 TRY
5,000 PKR 577.089 TRY
10,000 PKR 1,154.18 TRY

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The Timeline & Stability of the Turkish Lira- Renovate the Way You Engage with Currency Markets Today!

Turkish Lira timeline spans centuries of evolutions and alterations. The roots can be traced back to the Ottoman Lira at all. The Lira stands as a lingering testament to Turkey’s economic policy shifts and ongoing attempts at stabilizing the currency in its latest avatar. Its currency has exhibited significant volatility. However, it makes a subject of intense scrutiny and heightened interest among investors and economists along policy makers worldwide.

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