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1.77638 PKR


8.88189 PKR

10 JPY

17.7638 PKR

25 JPY

44.4095 PKR

50 JPY

88.8189 PKR

100 JPY

177.638 PKR

500 JPY

888.189 PKR

1,000 JPY

1,776.38 PKR

5,000 JPY

8,881.89 PKR

10,000 JPY

17,763.8 PKR

0 +
0 +

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Convert Pakistani Rupee to Japanese Yen




0.562741 JPY


2.8137 JPY

10 PKR

5.62741 JPY

25 PKR

14.0685 JPY

50 PKR

28.137 JPY

100 PKR

56.2741 JPY

500 PKR

281.37 JPY

1,000 PKR

562.741 JPY

5,000 PKR

2,813.7 JPY

10,000 PKR

5,627.41 JPY

Are you dreaming of exploring the vibrant streets of Tokyo or the serene Mount Fuji beauty? We make converting Japan Yen rate in Pakistan a continuous practice. So, forget complex calculations and outdated rates of conversion. Link allows you to convert any amount of Yen in just a few clicks away. Our live JPY to PKR exchange rates ensure you always get the best value for your cash. Our team believes in transparency and our clear conversion process empowers you to make informed financial decisions for your Japanese exploration. Now, skip the currency exchange hassle and focus on planning your dream excursion. So, Yen in account and Rupees in Your hand! Let us convert your Japanese currency at your local Link branch today! 

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Our team partners with trusted and secure payment gateways for all dealings. We handled with the highest level of security and minimize the risk of fraud or unauthorized right to use.

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Huge Currency Sums

Transferring significant amounts of Yen can be complex online. However, our branch staff are experts in handling large transactions for a smooth and secure exchange. We can answer your questions to address your concerns and confidently guide you throughout.

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Do you need to convert your Yen to physical Pakistani Rupees now? Link’s branches are equipped to handle cash transactions. We allow you to receive your PKR funds straightaway. We make it ideal for immediate spending needs upon Pakistan arrival.

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Link’s friendly and knowledgeable branch staff offer a customized procedure. Our team will walk you through the JPY to PKR conversion process and explains exchange rates in detail. Get the best possible value for your money because your satisfaction is our primacy.

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We serve you wherever you are with branches conveniently located throughout Pakistan. Now, visit our website and use our branch locator to find the nearest location and its operating times.

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Could You Tell What information do I need to convert JPY to PKR Instantly?

Converting JPY to PKR will only need the Yen you want to exchange. Link’s well designed platform handles the rest procedure. We provide the exchange rate and the equivalent amount in PKR.

Just How Often You Update JPY To PKR Exchange Rates?

We provide the most accurate information possible and our JPY to PKR exchange rates are updated live to ensure you can always access the latest market info.

When Is The Best Time To Convert My Yen To Rupees?

Market for currency fluctuates. So, there is no single best time for exchange. Link’s daily updates and live exchange rates can monitor the market and potentially identify favorable moments to exchange your amount.

Can I Convert Large Amount Of JPY To PKR In One Visit?

We can handle various transaction sizes at a time. Still, we recommend for huge conversions to contact us directly to discuss your specific needs and ensure the transaction possibly smooth.

What Should I Do If I Have More Questions About Converting JPY To PKR?

Do not hesitate to contact Link International for further questions about JPY to PKR conversion or our services related to receiving money. Our dedicated customer support team is ready to assist you everywhere.

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