How to send money from Italy to Pakistan

Send & Receive Money from Pakistan to Italy or get the best Currency Exchange Rates for Euro to Pkr at Link Exchange

If you are worried about University fee transfer to Italy’s universities, home remittance to/from Italy, or bank transfers to Italy Lira; Link International Exchange Company is the most trusted partner for Hassle-Free Money Transfers to and from Italy

best way to send money from italy to Paksitan

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Euro to PKR Currency Converter

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Convert Italian Lira to Pakistani Rupee

1 ITL0.156281 PKR
5 ITL0.781405 PKR
10 ITL1.56281 PKR
25 ITL3.90702 PKR
50 ITL7.81405 PKR
100 ITL15.6281 PKR
500 ITL78.1405 PKR
1,000 ITL156.281 PKR
5,000 ITL781.405 PKR
10,000 ITL1,562.81 PKR
exchange your currency to euros italy to Pakistan
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Transfer Funds to Rome, Italy

Rome is not far for us; we transfer Funds Quickly to Italy with MoneyGram, Western Union & Ria

Whether you need to know about large international money transfers to Rome Italy Lira from Pakistan Pkr Currency Exchange rates or a small amount of money transfer service to Italy; we are here to help you

Trusted by Millions of Customers

For over a decade, Link Exchange has been trusted by millions of happy customers across Pakistan for currency exchange and money transfer services

Largest Branch Network

Sending payment to Italy or any country of the world is a piece of cake at Link Exchange with its rapidly growing branch network.

Convert Pakistani Rupee to Italian Lira

1 PKR6.39685 ITL
5 PKR31.9842 ITL
10 PKR63.9685 ITL
25 PKR159.921 ITL
50 PKR319.842 ITL
100 PKR639.685 ITL
500 PKR3,198.42 ITL
1,000 PKR6,396.85 ITL
5,000 PKR31,984.2 ITL
10,000 PKR63,968.5 ITL

Whether you want to do large international money transfers to Rome Italy from Pakistan online or transfer a smaller amount to pay your university fee to Italy; we are here to serve you. With over 10 years of experience and a strong trusted reputation among our customers for international money transfers, Link International Exchange Company offers seamless money transfer solutions tailored to meet your needs as per the laws of SBP. So, if you want to send money to Italy from Pakistan for your loved ones in Italy or receive money from Italy, we’ve got you covered with the best way to send money to Italy.
Please walk to the nearest money transfer branch in your city or click the WhatsApp Button to perform the transaction

Get ready to transfer international payments to the whole World

1. Walk to the Link Exchange Branch

Visit any of Link Exchange branches in your city or business district for money transfers to Italy, the UK, France, the USA, or any country in the world with the related documents.

2. Pay Your Money to Transfer or Share Tracking Number to Receive Funds

At our well-equipped counters connected with the data centers of Western Union, MoneyGram, Ria & Intel; your payment will be processed to be transferred

3. Get Your Receipt & Wait for a While

All set; your transaction is done. Where you’ll receive the cash against inward remittance from abroad or your receiver will receive an intimation to collect the payment from your side.

Exchanging & Transferring HAPPINESS

Get the best Currency Exchange Rates for Euro to PKR or PKR to Euro

We are offering the best currency exchange rates for Italy currency as well and we are the easy solution to all your questions like how to send money from Italy to Pakistan
and best currency exchange rates for Euro Pakistani rates.
Just walk to the nearest currency exchange and money transfer branch of Link Exchange in your city to get superb money transfer services to any city in Italy with currency exchange service of Euro to PKR or PKR to Euro.


Is MoneyGram Italy suitable for fund transfers to Italy?

Yes. You can send money to Italy through MoneyGram at Link Exchange branch network in Pakistan.

How can I send money to Italy Western Union?

You can send money to Rome or any city in Italy through Western Union at any branch of Link Int’l Exchange Company in Pakistan.

Can I transfer money to an Italian bank account?

Yes, you can transfer money to Italy by following the State Bank of Pakistan’s legal procedure. We send payments through Western Union, MoneyGram, Ria, and Intel Express. Call toll-free 0800 786 10 to send or receive money to Italy.

What is the fee for sending money to Italy?

Large international money transfers to Rome Italy from Pakistan vary for a different types of money transfer transactions. Please call our toll free or visit our branch in your city. Locate your branch here.

How to send money from Pakistan to Italy?

It’s quite simple. Please visit any Link Exchange branch with related documents. You can easily get your payments transferred to Italy at Link.