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Undergo unparalleled convenience with Link Int’l! Your premier choice for financial remittances. Our secure and reliable transactions work across global restrictions. We offer competitive rates with real-time tracking and dedicated customer support. Thus, Link Int’l Exchange connects you to your loved ones so that your funds reach safely wherever and whenever it matters. Rely with us to elevate your remittance experience to new altitudes.
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The Lifeblood of Global Financial Funding - What is Remittance

Trying to know what is remittance? In financial funding, remittance represents the flow of money sent by individuals working abroad back to their home states. They serve as a crucial financial lifeline for millions of international.
However, home remittance occurs when these funds are transferred within the same country. It is possibly from urban to rural areas where people support families and people. Foreign remittance involves sending money across international boundaries from a migrant worker’s country of employment to their native land. You can boost the economic stability of families by contributing to managing household expenses along with education, healthcare, and savings. In that way, global financial interconnectivity and personal wealth supervision will be fostered.

Ways to Send Remittance

Ria Money Transfer

We utilize Ria's vast network for smooth and safe remittance solutions across numerous states and cities

Western Union Reach

We offer unmatched global coverage through Western Union. Fast and reliable money transfers!

Our Branch Deposits

You can visit any Link Int'l Exchange branch for personalized assistance and deposit funds for your remittances.

MoneyGram Transfers

Link Int’l provides an intuitive and speedy platform for sending money worldwide by partnering with MoneyGram

Intel Express Remittance

We use Intel Express's innovative remittance technology for secure, fast, and friendly global money transfers.

Get Your Link to Home

Linking Families Closer to Every Transaction

Different Remittance account options available to get foreign remittance Pakistan

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Our Express Account

Send Funds Worldwide with Link Express Account Rapidly

The Link Express Account system offers unparalleled speed and security in your international transactions. It is designed for those who value efficiency. We ensure your funds are transferred globally with utmost precision and a minimal waiting period. It is ideal for both personal and business needs. Make your Pakistan remittances faster than ever before. So, join Link Express, where speed meets safety.
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Our Global Account

Banking without Border Limits - Personalized Link Global Account for You

Open a world of possibilities with Link Global Account assistance. Personalized for the avid traveler and business professional alike! Global accounts erase borders by simplifying international transactions. Get global banking convenience with your objectives.
easy home remitances to Pakistan

Our Flexi Account

Here Flexibility Meets Functionality for Your Diverse Financial Requests

Control your global finances with the Link Flexi Account assistance. We offer bespoke solutions that adapt to your ever-changing needs. Flexible currency options and transfer facilities! So, are you investing abroad? Traveling overseas? Supporting family abroad? Flexi account bends to your lifestyle and preferences. Relish financial freedom without borders and make the Link Flexi Account the cornerstone of your dynamic economic existence.

Home Empowerment with Pakistan Remittances

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Our Home Remittance Service

Link International Exchange wants you to stay connected with your roots in your homeland. We specially design our home remittance services for Pakistani expatriates worldwide who want to send money back home safely and accessibly. Support your family or invest in future dreams. Make sure your funds reach your loved ones without annoyance.


Our Foreign to Pakistan Remittance Service

Link International Exchange offers a seamless solution for individuals and businesses looking to make foreign remittances to Pakistan. Our services are streamlined to facilitate efficient and reliable transfers from anywhere in the world to Pakistan by understanding the critical role remittances play in Pakistan’s economy.

Foreign Remittance to Pakistan Facilities

So, are you expecting money from abroad, or do you need to make an international transaction with us? Now visit your nearest Link International Exchange branch today and experience the ease and reliability of receiving money from anywhere worldwide.

Status of Remittances in the Economy of Pakistan

Remittances are undoubtedly a lifeline for the Pakistani economy. They provide essential financial inflows that support families and contribute to the country’s economic constancy. Link offers services that meet our customers’ practical needs and support Pakistan’s broader economic growth. We play a pivotal role in facilitating the flow of remittances into Pakistan through secure and customer-focused services. Thus, we empower individuals, families, and the nation’s economy.
Trust Link International Exchange for sending money home or conducting foreign remittances to Pakistan. We provide you with exemplary service that ensures your money is in a safe place.
Visit your nearest Link International Exchange branch.
Present the necessary identification and transaction details
Let our friendly staff assist you in receiving your money quickly and effortlessly

So, How to Receive International Payments in Pakistan Easily?

Get information on how to receive international payments in Pakistan. It is simple and secure with us. Our team makes the process as efficient as possible. Sending funds from abroad is easily accessible to Pakistani recipients. Now, follow these simple steps to receive international payments through our trusted team:

  1. First sender initiates how to transfer money to international bank account from Pakistan 
  2. Select a receiving option like Bank Deposit for convenience or Cash Pickup by Visiting any of our partner outlets. You can also use the Mobile Wallet service to credit the funds for immediate access 
  3. Continue Transaction using secure operations align with international compliance measures 
  4. Get payment Notification via SMS or email service 
  5. Accept your money based on the chosen receiving method
  6. Avail full security and compliance with due diligence on all transactions

Are you worried about where to find us? It’s not a big deal! Browse our website to locate the nearest Link International Exchange branch and enjoy a world of convenient money exchange with us.

send money to Paksitan foriegn remitances

Our Customer Support Team

Link’s dedicated customer support team assists you with any inquiries or assistance you may need while receiving international outflows. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for personalized assistance. Our service values your convenience and safety. You will receive your international payments hassle-free. Appreciate the peace of mind that comes with our trusted remittance services.
So, don’t wait any longer! Head to your nearest Link International Exchange branch and unlock the convenient and secure home or foreign remittance gateway. Global financial solutions await you!

Start with Our Remittance Service

You can easily register online to start using Link for your remittance needs. Visit our website or call us conveniently. Our sign-up process requires basic information like your full name, email address, and contact details. 

We work with Know Your Customer or KYC requirements to prevent misuse of financial services and enhance the transactions’ security. Submit a valid ID such as a passport or National Identity Card and proof of address from a utility bill recently paid. Provide details regarding the source of your funds. For example, salary slips or proof of business income rely on your transactions’ magnitude and frequency.

money transfer services in lahore Paksitan
Business customers have similar but more specialized KYC requirements. It includes providing:
  • Company registration documents
  • Company operating address proof
  • Valid personal identification documents for all key stakeholders and generals
  • Financial statements or business bank statements to verify the source of business capital
Now, you can start making international remittances meeting our KYC details. We are here to help using our online platform. Also, visit us in person. Our customer support team will be available to assist you at any point in the procedure. Your global financial transactions are handled with the utmost security and competence. Find the status of your money! Call our toll-free number and enjoy convenience in real-time tracking. Your peace of mind is just a call away with Link Int’l. Stay Informed with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is home remittance?

It is the money transfer by individuals working abroad to their families or others in their homeland. Home remittance is also a key source of household income and foreign currency in Pakistan. It bolsters the national economy and supports households economically.

What is foreign remittance?

It involves transferring money across international borders by migrants sending funds back home. Foreign remittance is essential for global economies to reduce poverty and promote financial stability in recipient countries by supplementing income and supporting development plans.

How can I receive international payments in Pakistan?

Individuals can use bank transfers to receive international payments in Pakistan. It requires the sender’s bank details and other info. You can opt for money transfer services like Western Union and MoneyGram. Receive payment in our mobile wallets or pick up cash from the nearest branch!

How can I transfer money to an international bank account from Pakistan?

Money can be transferred internationally through bank wire transfers using the recipient’s account information and code from Pakistan. Many money transfer services and digital platforms provide flexible options with potentially lower fees and faster transfer service.

Contact Link Exchange for International Money Exchange

You need a trustworthy and efficient partner to manage your international money transfers in a world where financial transactions cross borders as easily as emails. Being Link International Exchange’s premier choice ensures that every transaction is easy. Our competitive exchange rates with low fees and a commitment to secure and reliable service make your experience smooth and convenient.

Your transactions are secure and trusted at every step. Encounter the gold standard in financial services with the Link Exchange Platform. 

So, if you are supporting a family halfway across the globe and expanding your business internationally. Your funds reach their destination reliably with us. Link’s customer-centric approach guarantees a smooth and transparent practice.

Join the growing family of satisfied customers who trust us with their hard-earned cash. We are more than a service provider. We are your partner in connecting worlds for bringing people closer and turning distant dreams into pragmatism.

You can contact us today through our online chat or phone lines. Visit one of our convenient physical office locations to start your seamless international payment expedition. Create the smart choice with us as your trusted duo.